Sea of Thieves

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Coming early 2018. A Shared-World Adventure Game that lets you be the pirate you’ve always dreamed of in a world of danger and discovery. Explore a vast ocean where every sail on the horizon means a ship filled with real players who may be friends or foes. Form a crew and voyage to treasure-filled islands, face legendary creatures and test your mettle in epic ship battles against other pirates.


Shared-World Adventure Game created by Rare Ltd


Be the pirates you want to be in a shared world filled with real players


Set your own goals, roles and objectives on a vast, open ocean


A rich, fantastical world of unspoiled islands, monsters and mythical creatures. Undertake quests, find buried treasure and plunder from rival pirates!


Xbox One Console exclusive


Games play better on Xbox One X. Crackdown 3 is enhanced to deliver the best in true 4K gaming




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